Mr.Pachayil Sandeep

Dear Parents and Students,

                        Education is the basis of development. Through education wisdom, skills, creativity and humanitarian values must be. In such through Gurudev Institute of Management Studies started in 2010 under the University of Kerala and with the affiliation from AICTE.

We are bound to create confidence and potential to every person who steps into GIMS. We can ensure that each penny you are investing here will reap many dividends throughout your life.What ever may be the background of the graduate who came here, GIMS nurture him to stride into the world of business.

We offer many value added courses and training along with this 2 Year MBA and this will made you a successful warrior in the competitive field. Through our industrial and strategic collaboration, we can assure you a placement soon after the completion of this professional degree. See there is no free launces or compromises when you really want quality and excellence.

We are delighted that you have considered GIMS as a place for your higher education. We are confident that GIMS is the best place for your children.


Pachayil Sandeep